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A beautiful story - could this be you?

You're not feeling in the best of health. You're tired, listless and low on energy. You may be feeling the effects of irritating and discomforting digestive disorders. The stress of modern living is starting to catch up.

In today's ever increasingly polluted and toxic world, there is an urgent, ongoing need to cleanse and detoxify the body. The toxic mess that surrounds us each day has resulted in a break down of our overall wellness. From every direction we are under siege...water, air, food, household chemicals, electromagnetic fields, dental poisoning, etc., etc., etc. There are thousands of chemicals in use today (that we are all exposed to) that were not in use just 100 years ago. How do we deal with this onslaught? The task can seem almost overwhelming! Thankfully there are a number of safe, gentle and effective ways to deal with this.

You call the San Diego Body Cleanse, speak to the therapist and book a treatment - which you may find surprisingly relaxing! Mildly comforting, even.

OK, it may not be the most sensitive dinner-party conversation topic of all time. But in fact more and more people today are talking about Colonic Hydrotherapy - because it works.

* "...I though my health would never improve. Even a conventional approach had not helped. But then I discovered Irina Popov. Wow! in just four treatments I can honestly say my life has changed. I feel brighter, lighter and livelier."

Each year, thousands more people in the United States are opting to have a colon treatment.


Because over time the human body builds up toxins that can lead to a huge number of ailments, from aching joints, I.B.S, constipation, bloating and flatulence.

Your colon is your body's sewerage system. If it's clean - you can be well and happy.

And it's not clean? Toxic substances distill and ferment poisons in your body. These move into your bloodstream and affect the smooth running of every organ, gland and cell. You look and feel older, your eyes become dull, you joints become stiff and painful, your brain becomes sluggish.

You start to lose the joy of living.

So many people have digestive disorders but don't do anything about them.

Colonic hydrotherapy cleanses your colon, exercises and tones it. A healthy colon performs important functions: it reabsorbs fluids and process waste products from the body, preparing for waste elimination.

Good health begins on the inside. Yet so many people don't take digestive problems seriously enough.

Is colonic hydrotherapy for me?

Yes, it's for everyone - not just those with disorders. It's part of a healthy lifestyle. But you really do need to find a top-class therapist.

So where's the best place in San Diego for Colonic Hydrotherapy? The popular choice is Irina Popov's San Diego Body Cleanse, Inc. Why?

  1. It's the cleanest and most comfortable clinic you'll ever find.
  2. Because a good 'colonic' must be administered by a highly qualified person - someone you can really trust and relax with.

In San Diego, that means Irina Popov.

Call her now at: 619-218-8772

* Individual results may vary